Emigrate2 website

  • Project management
  • Consultancy
  • Content migration
  • Usability testing

What Braid Consulting Did:

Halo Financial own Emigrate2, a leading emigration information website that attracts 30K visitors a month. The site was built on very old technology and needed a complete revamp and update.

For speed we recommended the migrated to WordPress whilst the company reviewed the full customer journey and the full objectives of Emigrate2.

We used an off the shelf WordPress theme that the development agency worked with to keep the migration process as simple as possible and keep costs down. It also meant we did not have to go through a full design process. Now the new site is live we can think about the next stages and plan a complete revamp of the site knowing that it is now stable.

  • user experience
  • information architecture
  • usability testing
  • project management

What We Achieved:

  • User friendly website
  • Sales increased by over 12%
  • Responsive website
  • Increase page speed