Needlecase E-Commence Website

User acquisition strategy Search engine optimisation PPC advertising Online Consultant Competitor analysis What Braid Consulting Did: Needlecase required a web site to complement their bricks and mortar business selling wool and sewing supplies. The market is quite vibrant and emerging at present thanks to the uptake of crafts at home, a full keyword research programme
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Donnisthorpe Hall

Donisthorpe Hall is a care home, in north Leeds. It makes some 4 star hotels look shabby! The services for residents are exemplary, from hairdressers, cinema and restaurants to physiotherapists and specialist care wings. The team wanted a new website which presented all the qualities of the care home, along with the wider community connections.
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Emigrate2 website

Project management Consultancy Content migration Usability testing What Braid Consulting Did: Halo Financial own Emigrate2, a leading emigration information website that attracts 30K visitors a month. The site was built on very old technology and needed a complete revamp and update. For speed we recommended the migrated to WordPress whilst the company reviewed the full
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