GDPR usability issues – are they really that bad?

For most businesses websites are critical for lead generation and data capture of potential customers. The data is typically collected through a variety of form based methods; newsletter subscription, content download, online payment, competition, book an appointment etc. Under the new GDPR rules, coming into law in May 2018, collecting this data is going to[…]

GDPR; New laws that online may not be ready for

May 2018; The new General Data Protection Regulations come into effect, and how many websites will be ready for it? How many businesses will be ready to pay the fines for non-compliance; 4% turnover or €50million (whichever is greater)? In a few months time many businesses are in for a major shock….. because GDPR is a game-changer![…]

Digital Skills; How far can outsourcing go?

Outsourcing as strategy Companies increasingly outsource specialist services and logistics; Accounting, HR, Delivery, server hosting, advertising etc. The arguments for such a strategy frequently refer to flexibility, access to unique skill and reducing employee costs. But services need to be managed. The outsourced work needs specifying. The output then needs judging and implementing.Who in the[…]

Google Analytics

Website analysis and reporting on the critical issues; do you know your ROI from your Bounce? You have a Google Analytics account, an Adwords account, a bunch of Tweets and a host of Facebook likes. But does your website analysis link the different streams and make sense of what it all tells you? Can you interpret your sites[…]

Daily Blog

Monday Good start to the week; a productive meeting with a new client in Doncaster talking through a joint public sector tender response. Hope we will come out of it with a nice big contract. But it does point to the lack of knowledge that many digital agencies that we have come across over the[…]

What happened when the consultant stopped helping…

…and the agency didn’t deliver the brief We took on a project the autumn of 2013 acting as web strategy consultants/web project managers for a business with no direct knowledge of digital projects. The client needed a new website but had no in-house expertise in digital projects to brought Braid in to manage the exercise.[…]

Utility companies; The customer always pays…and pays….and pays.

Utility Companies; a customer’s (failed) Great Expectations Sharp practises; Questionable contract terms; Ludicrous charges; Not-customer service….? Any of these thoughts seem familiar? Well here is part 1 of a simple little story to exemplify just how much the average consumer should modify their “Great Expectations” Situation You have had a family contract for 2 years[…]

Post Christmas 2013; online winners and losers

Ecommerce Winners and Losers The 2014 Christmas trading announcements highlight the apparent impact of the internet. The volume of web sales will overtake high-street revenues for many businesses in the near future (if not already!) But what can we project as likely impacts of the most recent “positive” reports? 1. Knee-jerk agony You can picture[…]

Organic search marketing; an unrewarding fight

Organic search marketing or SEO has always been challenging, but here are some thoughts on why it could become redundant.  The endless struggle to attain the top organic positions becomes ever more challenging due to the monthly tweaks of Panda and the Penguin changes.  But there are more fundamental issues that are reducing the significance[…]